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Dated Monthly Insert

Keep track of business meetings, conferences, business trips, and more.

Weekly Insert

Your week in detail helps you stay focused and make it to all your important meetings and appointments on time and prepared.

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

Passwords Insert

Keep your brain free of the clutter of remembering every password for all your personal and work related websites and email accounts.

Notes Insert

Write down all that you need to remember from your meetings and other important notes.

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3 tips for planning success in business

1 - Planning helps you focus your efforts in one place at a time instead of scattering your effort all over the place and becoming distracted by all the demands.
2 - Planning helps you reach your long term goals by helping you focus on those goals with every decision you make and plan.
3 - Planning helps you get the right people involved in the projects you are working on which means that time will be used wisely from the beginning of the project. That means time will be saved instead of wasted by having to start over with the right people for the job.

Travel Details Insert

Keep track of all you need for your next important business trip. Travel itinerary, flight details, mileage driven and more.

To-Do Insert

Don’t let the important tasks get lost in the shuffle. Keep a to do list and get them done.

Daily Hourly Insert

If your day needs rigid scheduling, then this book is for you. Schedule out all that needs to be done, hour by hour.

*Available dated and undated.

Plan your work for today and everyday, then work your plan.