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Dated Monthly Insert

Track long term projects, appointments, and important dates.

Student Insert

Know when a test is coming, when to study, and when assignments are due.

Notes Insert

Sometimes you need a safe place to jot down a small note until you can put it in its proper place.

Passwords Insert

Almost every online site has a password to remember. Free up your memory and write all those important passwords.

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4 reasons to plan in college

1 - Improves time management. You can easily see what is due each week and/or month and this helps you use your time in the best way to get all the work done.
2 - Keeps you focused. Knowing what is due and when also allows you to stay focused on what needs done.
3 - Sense of accomplishment. Checking off your to-dos lets you know you are getting things done and that is a great feeling!
4 - Acts as a journal. Writing down all that you do, not just the things that need to be done will allow you to look back and remember all the good times as well as what you accomplished while in college.

Habits & Goals Insert

Stay on the track to achieving your goals by tracking the little habits you need to reach those goals.

To-Do Now & Later Insert

Write down your to dos and figure out how urgent the task is.

Dot Grid Insert

College is more than classes and notes; it’s memories and life long friendships. Keep a journal and have a place to write down the important moments.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.