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Dated Monthly Insert

Note all your Parties, meetings with your team, and important deadlines.

Parties & Events Insert

Keep detailed record of your parties and events.

Contact Customers Insert

Sometimes our best customers become our best downline. Note important information about your customer and if they have an interest in building their own business.

Goals & Finances Insert

Keep track of money spent to run your business.

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3 tips

1 - Running a direct sales business is YOUR small business. You are the boss, the employee, the social media expert...the list goes on. Keeping your to-dos and schedule organized helps you do all these things with style.
2 - A direct sales business is a unique business that requires a positive attitude and genuine relationships with your customers. Keeping track of the little things that are important to your customers helps you form those genuine relationships.
3 - For your dream to work, you need a solid plan to follow. Write it out and schedule time for your business every day.

Team Building Insert

Are you ready to build a team or already have one and need notes on them?

Passwords Insert

You have not only your personal email login information to keep track of, but your business email and back office as well.

Social Media Insert

You must advertise for yourself, and social media is a great place to do so. Keep track of where and when you post.

Good luck is the result of good planning.