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Dated Monthly Insert

Write down bible studies, scheduled times in the nursery, children’s church times, and more.

Bible Study Insert

Keep notes about your bible study classes, prayers, and how the study relates to your life.

sermon notes insert

Sermon Notes Insert

A place to write about the sermon, the main points, and how it applies to your life.

prayer request insert

Prayer Requests Insert

Track prayer requests all in one place.

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3 reasons for a faith journal

1 – Keep your scriptures and prayers close at hand
2 – Writing your weekly bible lessons let’s you be closer to the message
3 – Organization for The Word in a world that can feel chaotic and messy

Month-at-a-Glance Insert

A more detailed view of important monthly events.

Weekly Insert

Do you volunteer with your church and have a busy schedule? Seeing the whole week helps you not miss anything.

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

Notes Insert

Keep a short lists of needs of other church members that you can help with, or make a short list of food to bring to the next potluck.

Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.