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dates monthly goals insert

Dated Monthly Insert

Track classes, runs, and competitions.

health and wellness insert

Health & Wellness Insert

Detailed daily tracking of health and wellness for the mind and body.

meal planner

Meal & Grocery Insert

Plan out your meals to make healthier choices and have items on hand to keep with those choices.

goals and habits insert

Goals & Habits Insert

What habits do you need to reach your goals? Track water, steps, movement, and more.

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10 reasons to keep a fitness journal

1 – Keeps you accountable
2 – Shows you your habits
3 – Makes your goals seem real
4 – Helps you see what works
5 – Helps you see what doesn’t work
6 – Proves to yourself you are serious
7 – Tracking food keeps you in touch with what you intake
8 – Tracking work outs makes sure you achieve your weekly goal
9 – Tracking progress let’s you be proud of how far you have come
10 – Keeps you motivated
notes insert

Notes Insert

Take notes on how food and exercise affect you mentally and physically. Write down quotes that motivate you.

goals insert

Mileage Tracker Insert

For more than just cars! Keep track when you walk or run.

food tracker insert

Food Tracker Insert

Track your food to be purposeful with what you eat.

Write down a goal, date it, and focus on it. Every time you get off track or think about giving up, look back at that goal and think about why you wrote it in the first place.