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Dated Monthly Insert

Track appointments, visits with grandchildren, grandchildren’s activities.

Weekly Insert

Keep your week in order and know which grandchild is doing what.

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

Notes Insert

Make a note of the grandkids’ clothing sizes, food preferences, foods to avoid, allergies.

Shopping List Insert

Keep on budget while still grabbing a few of the favorites for when the grandkids visit.

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3 tips for grandparents

1 - Keeping track of your work schedule and  your grandkids’ activities is easier done on paper than in memory.
2 - Sometimes as a grandparent, you share the care of your grandchildren with the parents. Keeping track of when pick up and drop off is your responsibility, when you are making dinner, or when it is your turn to watch a recital or game is made easier when you have a way to organize it all. 
3 - Just because you are a grandparent doesn’t mean that you give up your own plans. Your job, your home, and other responsibilities all need to be tracked as well. 

Passwords Insert

Banking, bills, online shopping. They are needed everywhere and the same rules do not apply.

Address Book Insert

Keep your family and friends details handy.

Dot Grid Insert

Keep a journal for each grandchild and write down special moments and quotes.

Being a grandparent is full of rewarding moments. Keeping your life organized allows you to make the most of those moments.