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Our Health & Wellness Insert helps you to keep your health goals on track.

  • It’s been proven that when you write down your habits you are more successful with your goals and outcome.
  • If you need to track this information for your doctor a written diary such as this will be your best friend.
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  • If you bite it, you must write it – tracking what you eat daily helps you to see your daily habits and helps you tweak to a better success!
  • Do you suspect a food intolerance? Writing down what you eat will help to pinpoint the issue.

Track your daily activity in a simple chart. When you write down your activity it is not easy to ignore those skipped days.

While you are staying on track with health and fitness, it is important to see that you are also taking time for yourself on a daily basis. Use this checklist for items to help you take time for you!

The easiest way to use this tracker is fill in a block for each 30 minutes of sleep. Sleep helps the mind and body.

How does your mood fluctuate through the day or even the week? Are certain things effecting it? Track your mood to see triggers.

This insert is beneficial for staying healthy and having a log for your health professional if it is needed.