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Dated Monthly Insert

Track appointments, meetings, days off for you and your workers.

Appointment Book Insert

Schedule all your appointments in one place, even on the busiest of days.

*Available dated and undated.

Project Planning Insert

Plan out all your clients projects

Purchases & Spending Insert

Keep track of your out of pocket costs for each project.

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3 tips for looking professional

1 - When you are an independent contractor you are the boss, the scheduler, and the worker. You need to have all your appointments and plans organized to make the most of every moment in your day.
2 - Be prepared for every scenario when you are meeting with a potential client. Impress them with your organization and ability to answer their questions quickly and confidently by having all the information organized and in your hands.
3 - A nice and clean looking lifestyle organizer will impress event the pickiest of clients.  

To-Do Insert

Keep your day on track with a to-do list.

Address Book Insert

Keep the names and addresses of your clients.

Notes Insert

Ideas for new projects, notes of measurements, client request, and more.

It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.