Congratulations to all of those that have earned their PLANNER COACH Certificates!

The Brand Ambassadors listed here have taken our series of coaching courses that go beyond helping to build a perfect planner… they can help you be more efficient in using your planner!

Betty Bales

Connie K Harrell

Debra Schwan

Jennifer Hill

Jessica Yardley-Grach

Kathleen Fetch

Katie Burkhalter

Leia McNeely

Lill Waller

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Modrow

Lisa Shivel

Lisa Tripp

Luba Korduba

Martha Harris

Mary Wockenfuss

Melissa Niro

Sandra Wright

Susan Rolland

Sydney Schuster

Tammy Miller

Tara Johnson

Teri Brauer

Tracy Mazure-Lefkowitz

Victoria Hallowell

Wendy Cannin