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Dated Monthly Insert

Track days on and off work, appointments, birthdays, and more.

Weekly Insert

The heart of this organizer, the weekly insert keeps your week on track.

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

To-Do Insert

Write it down, get it done, and check it off your to-do list.

Notes Insert

When you are on the go, you need a place to write things down until you can get those little notes where they belong in your lifestyle organizer.

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3 tips

1 - When working a retail job, every day can be different. Using a lifestyle organizer will keep you on track and on schedule at home, on the go, and at your job.
2 - Ever changing hours that need to sync up with other events means tracking more than just your hours and events. Knowing where everyone needs to be and when is key. 
3 - When working with the public as much as a retail employee does, it is important to plan time to unwind and take time to destress. A well planned schedule allows for that much needed downtime.

Meal & Grocery Insert

Plan out your shopping and meals all in one place and know that your meals for the week don’t need to be thrown together last minute.

Passwords Insert

Work and home alike, you have a lot of passwords to remember. Free up that space in your mind by writing those passwords down.

Daily Hourly Insert

When you have many schedules to coordinate and places to be, our daily hourly is the way to go.

*Available dated and undated.

Working in retail, for some, is a way of life. Embrace this with a lifestyle organizer that is as flexible as you are.