Tula XII is happy to announce an exciting update to our “Be The Change” program.  In addition to our monthly donations made to non-profit charities each month (through the purchase of our giving back items), a portion of these profits will now start to fund a new program!

Sometimes our loved ones are not as near to us geographically as we would like. Some reside in retirement facilities and don’t always receive many visitors. Sometimes, it is simply someone that might just live next door and is a great neighbor that might need a “lift” or a smile!  A visit doesn’t always have to be “in-person”. A visit can come through a beautifully designed, handwritten card! How wonderful to receive something in the mail aside from bills and advertisement!
A smile slowly appears when someone realizes they have a personalized card.
Tula XII presents “SendASmile”
All you need to do is enter the name and address below of someone you would like to “SendASmile” to and we will send them a handwritten card to brighten their day!
Your request will be considered a “nomination” and will be picked randomly. You will then be notified that your request was fulfilled and sent. We will consider one nomination per customer, per quarter. Thus, you may request someone each quarter (or even the same person per quarter).
This is totally free to you and free to the recipients! Our intention is to simply make the world a better place by making people smile!
The information you send to us will never be used for any other reason and will not be sold to other companies or used in any marketing efforts of any kind. It will be kept confidential and private.
There will be no funds collected or requested for printed materials, administrative fees, or postage fees. This is our continuation of donating and giving back to our communities.
We want our customers, Brand Ambassadors, Leaders, and Directors to know how much we appreciate and acknowledge you and the communities you reside in and support!
This is just to guide us on sending the card - this is not a message you want us to write.