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dated month busy insert

Dated Monthly Insert

Track appointments, work days, days off school, mom/dad days and weekends.

Weekly Insert

See your week at a glance and prioritize tasks/activities with and without children.

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

meal and grocery

Meal & Grocery Insert

Plan out your meals and grocery list. Saves money and time.

Budget & Bill Pay Insert

Stay on budget, know when bills are due, and track child support.

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3 tips to gain time each week

1 - Go to the grocery ONCE A WEEK and use that saved time to check off something else on your to-do list.
2 - Do a nightly 10 minute house cleaning to keep the house picked up instead of trying to get it all done at once.
3 - Take 10 minutes TO PLAN. Sit and write a plan away from social media. Planning without a distraction leaves you with more time in the week and knowing you wrote everything down.

Notes Insert

Write down notes on schedule changes, agreements, and school activities.

Address Book Insert

Contact info of doctors, coaches, school, and all the parents of your children’s friends.

Goals & Habits Insert

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Set goals and set habits that make you happy.

Some days she has no idea how she’ll do it, but every day she gets it done.