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dated month busy insert

Dated Monthly Insert

Track appointments, sports, gymnastic, band, days off school… along with your own schedule.

Daily Hourly Insert

Keep your day on track and don’t miss drop off and pick up times from school and activities.

*Available dated and undated.

meal and grocery

Meal & Grocery Insert

Be prepared for the busiest of evenings by planning out meals and having your grocery shopping done in one pass for the week.

To-Do Now & Later Insert

The lists can be long so prioritize the now and the later. Get stuff done and keep a running list to clear your head.

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4 tips to getting it done while keeping calm

1 – Pick your Top 3 tasks to do each day. Completing 3 is more satisfying than starting 10.
2 – Don’t Procrastinate. Use your lists to accomplish tasks and save time for family.
3 – Don’t over schedule. Leave some time in your day for mishaps or emergencies so you can relax at the end of the day.
4 – Take time to plan. “Every minute you spend planning saves 10 minutes in execution”
notes busy insert

Notes Insert

Write down all the information at sports and PTA meetings. Note questions you have for upcoming appointments so you don’t forget when you are there.

Address Book Insert

Have contact info for coaches, doctors, school, etc on hand.

week busy insert

Weekly Insert

See your week at a glance and take time on Sunday to prep for the week so you are ready to get it!

*Available lined, unlined, dated, undated, and in other weekly layouts.

What are you busy about? Every parent with busy kids asks themselves at least once a day what is going on and why are we so busy? Keeping track of your activities and all that you have to do each day helps your busy day stay productive.