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Dated Monthly Insert

Write down meetings, trainings, and important days.

Lesson Plan Insert

Plan out your lessons each week.

To-Do Insert

Keep a running list of all you need to accomplish and stay on track.

Purchase Tracker Insert

Keep track of items purchased for your classroom.

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3 tips for planning success in the classroom

1 - A teacher who plans is going to be more consistent with the way he or she teaches. This translates to a consistent classroom environment, which leads to a calmer and organized classroom. 
2 - Planning helps you stay on topic and on track with what you are wanting to teach in the time you have to teach that particular lesson.
3 - Planning organizes not only your lessons, but your whole day and allows you to make the best use of your time in and out of the classroom. 

Habits & Goals Insert

Keep track of goals for yourself, your students, or your classroom as a whole.

Address Book Insert

Keep your colleague, classroom volunteer, and room mom’s contact information.

Notes Insert

A place to write down your anecdotal observations to share with parents or transfer to the children’s official records if needed.

As a teacher, being organized benefits not only you but your students as well because it helps you stay focused and on task with the lessons of the day.