One thing we all have in common is BUSY LIVES! TulaXii was built with the desire to organize life and balance our daily to-dos with simplicity and style. Our easy 1-2-3 system makes building your lifestyle organizer both functional & stylish.

Start by selecting a beautiful cover! Fuse both personal style and functionality by choosing from a wide range of high-quality, stylish outer covers. We offer an exciting line of both classic covers & our patent-pending interchangeable zipper covers. Whatever your style preference, Tula Xii is sure to have something for everyone!

Next, you’ll choose inserts that best suit your lifestyle. TulaXii lifestyle organizers are based on the traditional Traveler’s Notebook design utilizing over 200 inserts that help track your schedule, meals, moods, mileage and more!

Last, accessorize! Let your personality shine by adding colorful magnetic clips, stickers, tabs, pens and more with our exciting and ever-growing selection of Tula Xii accessories.

Gone are the days of the generic boxed planners and organizers that don’t suit your needs. Tula Xii blends versatility & functionality with beauty and elegance while offering an exciting business opportunity for anyone wanting to share their love of planning.

A Passion for Planning

Years ago, Tula Xii founder, Natasha Corrigan, found herself juggling a full-time job, social activities, birthdays, kid schedules and more. Trying to balance life seemed impossible without a plan, so she began searching for the perfect planner.

After trying option after option, she made good use of growing up in the print world and began to create the perfect planner to suit her needs. It wasn’t long before she found herself pouring her creativity into a newfound passion; The1407Planners was born!

After attending several conferences in multiple states and networking with other planners in the immediate area, it became clear that people were craving the basics of how to plan, what to plan and how best to simplify their hectic daily lives.

TulaXii was born from Natasha’s desire to give everyone a simple 1-2-3 system that was functional, yet inspired, creativity with beautiful designs and fun accessories.

From the beginning, Natasha wanted Tula Xii to be a financial opportunity for other motivated people who loved planners like she does. Today, Tula Xii is the only Direct Sales company of its kind in the United States. Over 400+ Brand Ambassadors are sharing their love of the Tula Xii products and are building successful at-home businesses and financially helping their families.