Mission Statement

Tula Xii is a company empowering people by building meaningful relationships and sharing products centered around a beautiful balance of stress-free functionality, organization and style.


We all need connection; to feel connected to family, friends, our community and our customers, but especially with ourselves. Feeling as though we belong gives us a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. When we have this connection, everything we do makes more sense and starts to flow from there. Connecting with our customers gives them a sense of belonging, and reminds them that we care and that will build trust with them.

We want to create a community of supportive and like-minded people that are driven to help others while working their business. We want people to feel welcomed, have a sense of belonging and support while setting everyone up for success. It is great to have a strong connection with the products and appreciate their value, but when we offer our encouragement, knowledge and connect with each other the synergy of what we all are trying to accomplish blooms into greater success, accomplishment, and kinship. You feel a belonging and like you are a part of everyone’s success.

On a final note, we realize that this journey is most likely the result of a need to connect and be present more for your family as well.

Be clear about your connection to yourself in respect to this business: Why are you here?  How does working in this business make sense to you and what you are about? What is your deeper sense of connection with offering Tula XII?


When we hear the word create most of us will jump to thinking about artistic creations such as painting, drawing, music, paper crafting, and other similar creative outlets; but creativity and creating doesn’t always mean being artistically creative. How can we be creative and create in other ways? Creating a community that your customers can join in on that will support them in their journey towards organization but also that fosters relationships and kinship.
Creating a community of support for your downline as you assist and show caring as they are on the journey of learning to be a Brand Ambassador with Tula XII. Giving yourself the time to be creative within your planning and your business by finding the best planning style for yourself and creating a space within your mind for learning more about running your business.
How have you created with your VIP group? Have you shared your planning style? Have you shared a story that has made them feel that they share a bond with you? How have you created with your downline or fellow BAs? Have you shared a thought or idea and created a training or learning opportunity? 
Life isn’t about finding yourself life is about CREATING yourself!


BALANCE | We are continually striving for a life of balance while caring for our families, taking care of ourselves, serving our customers and giving to our communities.

COMMUNITY | Tula XII has a heart for community. Throughout the year Tula Xii selects deserving organizations in which we donate a percentage of product profits with our themed initiatives.

INTEGRITY | Tula XII values honesty and integrity. Our Brand Ambassadors are held to a level of excellence that enhances the experience of our customers and builds our company morale.

COMMITMENT | We must be committed to each other as a team but also, most importantly, to our customers.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT | Each and every day that we awake, we have the opportunity to improve on our personal traits; how we respond to customers, how we respond to our families, and how we respond to each other. We also have the opportunity to grow though learning and through teaching others.

PASSION | You must believe in who you are, what you do, what you sell, what you teach, and what excites you! Being passionate about planning and organization naturally sells it to others! Passion is contagious!