to foster genuine connections with our brand ambassadors, customers, and employees, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported on their journey towards success


to see every planner as an opportunity to empower individuals to lead more organized and fulfilling lives – not only to enhance productivity but also inspire creativity and personal growth


BALANCE | We are continually striving for a life of balance while caring for our families, taking care of ourselves, serving our customers and giving to our communities.

COMMUNITY | Tula XII has a heart for community. Throughout the year Tula Xii selects deserving organizations in which we donate a percentage of product profits with our themed initiatives.

INTEGRITY | Tula XII values honesty and integrity. Our Brand Ambassadors are held to a level of excellence that enhances the experience of our customers and builds our company morale.

COMMITMENT | We must be committed to each other as a team but also, most importantly, to our customers.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT | Each and every day that we awake, we have the opportunity to improve on our personal traits; how we respond to customers, how we respond to our families, and how we respond to each other. We also have the opportunity to grow though learning and through teaching others.

PASSION | You must believe in who you are, what you do, what you sell, what you teach, and what excites you! Being passionate about planning and organization naturally sells it to others! Passion is contagious!