Passionate about planning and crafting? Join us as a Tula XII Ambassador and embark on your own adventure with a company committed to building a community and making a positive impact. Earn 25-35% while spreading your love for planning and crafting.


Our Range of Products: From constructing planners to indulging in paper crafting, we invest effort to ensure your earning and enjoyment are effortlessly intertwined! Explore our array of planner inserts, monthly releases, and creative kits, providing you with opportunities to sell year-round.

Our Thriving Community: Join us at our Ambassador event in Troy, Ohio during late summer, where we unite to connect, create, and empower one another on our shared journey. Share your passion for planning, cultivate a community, and host events, whether in person or online. In 2024, we have visited (or are in the process of visiting) 5 cities to engage, plan, and create with our ambassadors and customers.

Earning Opportunities: Reap the rewards with a generous 25-35% commission on your personal sales. Our rewards programs, detailed HERE, offer additional incentives, and you can earn commission on your team’s sales too.*

Continuous Learning: Take our fantastic Planner Coach program to gain insights into planning tips and hosting planner workshops. Our training programs guide you towards a path in affiliate-style marketing or a more traditional direct selling approach, or even a combination of both.

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We can’t wait for YOU to join us for creativity, organization, and planning!

Tula Xii is a company empowering people by building meaningful relationships and sharing products centered around a beautiful balance of stress-free functionality, organization and style.