How and when do I get paid?

You must set up your direct deposit which is #5 in the onboard training. It must be set up before we process so to be paid on the 10th it must be done before the 1st, and to be paid on the 25th it must be done before the 16th.

Pay is deposited to your account the 10th and 25th of the month (unless it falls on a weekend) – pay dates are in your back office event calendar as well.

How much do I get paid?

For selling you earn 25% on products sold | You can earn up to 35%

*PV – personal volume – Amount of products sold by a Brand Ambassador less the shipping and tax. Commissions are not paid on nor is PV accumulated on hostess rewards, discounts, product credit payments, gift card payments, shipping, taxes. PV is not earned on supply items.

See/Download the Compensation Plan Here

Do I get a discount on early buy products during reveals?

No, they are paid at full price and PV and Compensation is earned on them.

Also note on early buys you may only buy one of each item.

Typically Spring and Fall large releases are done in mystery bundles at a deeper discount and then noted at that time that PV and Comp is not earned.


Can I get a deposit on a different day? No, we process payments as per the schedule listed.

Can I manually force a deposit? No, deposits are only done per the schedule listed.

I entered my bank information on the 3rd of the month, when will I get my commissions from the end of the previous month? You will get them in the following run paid on the 25th. Bank information is required to be in place before our processing begin.

An order was placed and paid for on June 26th, when will I get paid on that order? That will process beginning the 1st of the month and pay on the 10th.

My commissions pending in my back office say May 16-May 31, when will those deposit? On the 10th of June

Active Requirements and Going Inactive

How do I stay Active? Sell $250 PV every 3 month rolling period.

*Rolling three month period – Ex 1: If $250 in orders are done in October you are considered active October, November, and December. Another $250 must be placed by January and so on. Ex 2: If $100 in orders are done in October and $150 in November you are considered active October, November, and December. Another $100 would need ordered in January and then $150 in February and so on.

This is a manual process so you are not automatically turned off. We run a list once or twice a month and then send you an email with a date to submit the $250. Once you go inactive please refer to policies and procedures on being active again.