Introducing our Planner Coach YOUniversity!

This program is an elevated learning within your planner. Learning how to plan and then sharing allows you to provide a value and connection to your customers. You will be able to not only help someone build a better planner but put that planner to use.

The courses include:

  • Mini Crash course on planning
  • Where do I begin – my monthly and consistency
  • What do I need – weekly or daily
  • What kind of planner – black and white, color code, or decorative planner
  • How to Brain dump
  • How to make a to-do list effective
  • How to determine and accomplish those top 3
  • Build routine and time management
  • How to journal
  • How to break down your goal and get it on paper

Becoming a planner coach means taking the time to really relate and dive in on helping everyone be the best planner they want to be.

You can enroll in the back office starting September 16th – “Tuition” is $29.99 and includes: All the courses mentioned above, an insert to set up while taking the courses, and an official Planner Coach pocket.

Once you complete the courses and set-up your mock planner, email with your order number and 2 pictures from your insert you did using our courses. Then you will get a certificate of completion emailed to you and your name listed online with us as an Official Tula XII Planner Coach.

This course is exclusive to our Brand Ambassadors. A list of Official Tula XII Planner Coach Graduates will be posted online.

The Planner Coach pouch.