When do I get paid?

Check out Compensation.

Why didn’t I get paid?

Please see the training on Compensation and entering your direct deposit information. Also, payments are made when over $10 in account to pay out.

Where is my order?

While we always strive to ship within 6 business days, there are times of increased volume that could extend your shipping date a couple of days.

It has been 6 days, where is my tracking?

Please note that it is business days which are M-F excluding holidays.

I can’t log in to my account, now what?

Did you get an inactive email? If so, you may have been turned off.

My website isn’t working, why?

Did you get an email saying your subscription payment was declined? Your site was disabled until that is paid for. If you ignored the first email a manual payment will need made. Once it is disabled you will have to call to have a subscription turned back on and get that missed one paid for.

How long can I keep a party open?

30 days. Parties are programmed to automatically close on day 35 and can’t be reopened (use the rule of 30 days). Exceptions can’t be made. This also means your HOST order must be input to claim rewards.