Can you believe 2020 is over? It has been a tough one in so many ways, but even during tough times we have blessings! I know that is a crazy thought, but just think about all you have done and got through!  Be proud of yourself. Before we say goodbye to 2020 and plan to rock 2021 I want to suggest you take stock of this past year, as a way to reflect, learn and celebrate. This can offer you an opportunity to gain a new hopeful perspective, direct your focus and energize for next year.

Step 1

Sit down with a pen your notes in your planner and truly review all you have accomplished and survived this year.  I do mean ALL! Use your planner to really dig in to make this list.  This is where you get a deeper level of satisfaction besides the events or tasks that are recently on your mind.

Try this List of Categories:

  • Successes & Accomplishments
    • This can be the huge things, like purchasing a home.
    • The smaller accomplishments that led to the bigger success.
    • List the everyday things: I made lunch and took my kids to school everyday.  I kept my family healthy.  This is where you want to try to list EVERYTHING!!  Honestly you will impress yourself and you stop taking yourself for granted.
  • Things YOU Started or a Work in Progress
    • What are you working on?
    • What have you started that is still in progress?
    • What did you start and put on the back burner?
    • What did you start that was easier than you thought or harder?
  • Things YOU Stopped Doing
    • What did you stop doing on purpose?
    • What went on the back burner for your own sanity?
    • What did you simply forget to do and you didn’t even miss it?  
  • Struggles that you made it through
    • What was hard and you made it through?
    • What did you survive? i.e. Did you barely survive your kids home for online school?  Holidays without family.  Another zoom party!   Think about things non-covid related as well.

Step 2

Now that you got this list done. Go back and review it with these indicators

  1. Star the one’s which you are most proud of or cherish
  2. Circle the ones you want to continue focusing on or keep doing.
  3. Cross off the things you want to forgive or forget from others or yourself
  4. Underline the ones, you learned from the most?

Now for a bonus, share your list with someone in your life; your Spouse, mom, best friend.  This act of sharing lets others be a part of your successes and they can help you celebrate.

Wishing you a phenomenal 2021!