If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our January 2021 Tips. Starting off the year with some quick organization tips should help us get 2021 off to a great start. Here is a round up of the tips in case you missed any of them!

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New Year – New Room! You can refresh your room with just a few accessory color changes. Use the project insert to start working on your ideas and sketching it out before committing.

Take about 30 minutes each month and unsubscribe from emails and discard emails you are not going to read. A clean inbox gives peace of mind and clarity. While you’re at it, be sure to change passwords that need to be changed for security reasons.

Take 5 minutes each night with your planner and write out your TOP 3 tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow. This will leave you prepared for success the next day without scrambling.⁣

So you have your planner all filled out and ready for the week, now what? This tip seems simple but it’s often overlooked. Don’t forget to open your planner everyday and check it throughout your day! Sometimes this is the most difficult thing to remember, especially if you are new to planning. If we make it a habit to check each morning then we have put it to good use.

Bonus tip! Jot down events or plans on a sticky note before committing them to your planner. And be sure to regularly turn notes into plans on your calendar.

A clean & decluttered home leaves us feeling refreshed, accomplished, and ready for our day! Before settling down for the evening, set a timer for 10 minutes and tidy up the things that are out of place or laying around.⁣

Use the Tula Xii Cleaning Insert for more detailed cleaning around your home. This insert gives you a robust list of things you like to keep clean in and around your home.⁣

Color Coding your planner is fun, simple & effective! Using highlighters you can easily distinguish at a glance different events.⁣
Are you tracking personal tasks, work plans, and kids schedules in your planner? Assign each person/thing with a specific color. When you are searching for something in your planner you’ll simply look for that color. ⁣
This works great in any of our Weekly or Monthly Inserts.⁣

Do you have a recipe that calls for shredded chicken and you don’t like the hassle of shredding it with forks? Here’s a quick tip: Place warm chicken breasts or tenders in your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and turn on low speed. Voila! Shredded chicken without the hassle. Use in casseroles, soups, salads, and more!⁣
Tula Xii’s Recipe insert and tabs are a great way to save the recipes you love in one simple place!⁣

Trying to clean out your closet? What to keep and what to donate? Here is a tip for those searching for an easy method. Step 1: Turn all hangers facing away from you. Step 2: When you wear & rehang items, hang as you normally would. Step 3: At the end of the season anything on a hanger not turned around was not worn… DONATE IT! Track all of your donations in a spreadsheet insert for tax time.

Have you ever bought another pantry item only to find you already have 3 boxes tucked behind those random cans of soup? Our pantry insert makes tracking your pantry items simple & easy. You’ll never end up with an overabundance of spaghetti again! When making your grocery list you can simply double check your pantry list.

Watching other people ice cookies is so enjoyable! Actually decorating them can be stressful. Here is a tip from the professionals… save the mess and hassle by inserting your icing bag into an empty cup. Pour your icing into the bag and the cup will keep the bag sturdy and free up your hands.

Do you make cookies for others or make cookies as a side hustle? Our new custom order insert is great to track your orders. Of course, this insert works well for any small business taking custom orders.