Tula Xii introduced our Interchangeable Zipper Covers in August 2019. This revolutionary design changed the way you personalize your lifestyle organizer and planner with the quick zip of a zipper. The ability to leave your organizer fully intact while effortlessly changing the front to reflect your personality and mood is what makes these so fun! 


The backbone of our Interchangeable Covers is, of course, our Zipper. The biggest challenge in our design is zipping two separate stand alone pieces together seamlessly while keeping tolerance as minimal as possible. The secret to making this work is utilizing the same machine when manufacturing the zippers on both the front & back covers. It is a simple solution that makes a lasting impact in the quality of our product. When a new zipper manufacturer had to be used due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to get a matching zipper. Our choice at that time was to discontinue the covers all together or work within the change and continue the line.



Will there be more 1.0 covers released in the future?

No, we are unable to get that zipper at all so we are retiring that line.


How do I use my current 1.0 cover?

The same as you have been 🙂 The covers still work as they did with the pieces from that line.


Can I tell the difference in 1.0 by 2.0 looking at the zipper?

No, they do look identical which is why we have added a list of what is currently available. 


Will there be more 2.0 cover?

Yes, we are so excited for more to come and growing this list.


How do I know while shopping which cover to buy?

All covers are split by shopping screen and every listing states the version.


Our Valuable Customers


YOU are our utmost priority and we understand this news may seem daunting at first. However, we believe you value the continued growth of Tula Xii as much as we do and understand that changes sometimes occur and will help with long term success.


Tula Xii is proud of the Interchangeable Covers we have produced and distributed to our customers since their debut in August 2019. Rest assured Tula Xii continues to honor your warranty on all products and we’d like to encourage you to continue using and enjoying your 1.0 Interchangeable Covers.


It is important to us that our Tula Xii customers understand there may be a small amount of tolerance where the top of the two zippers meet. A certain amount of zipper tolerance should be expected.


Everyone here at Tula Xii hopes you’ll view your NEW 2.0 Interchangeable Covers as a welcomed addition to your already fantastic lineup of revolutionary Tula Xii products. 


We appreciate the amazing support of our Brand Ambassadors and our loyal customers during this season of growth.