Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your finances? Do you struggle to keep track of your bills and expenses each month? Look no further than Tula XII’s budget planner inserts!

Our customizable inserts allow you to tailor your planner to your unique financial needs. We recently added new inserts specifically designed for deeper budgeting and bill pay. These two inserts, along with a handy zipper pocket, are available in a convenient one-click bundle purchase. Or, if you prefer, you can mix and match the inserts and pockets you need to create a personalized look.

To assemble your own budget planner, start by choosing a planner cover – here we opted for a medium-sized. Then, select the budget planning and bill and expenses inserts, along with a clear dash to hold your front pretty card. We also recommend marking your planner cards with pay days and including a zip pocket for your savings.

The fun part comes next – setting up your planner! Apply a decal to the front, create a pretty dash card to make opening your planner a delight, and add tabs to mark your sections. We even offer a line of kits to make bill paying as pretty as possible.

With our inserts, you can begin your budget planning in any month. Plus, our video tutorial offers a step-by-step guide to assembling your planner for maximum organization and functionality.

Take control of your finances with Tula XII’s budget planner inserts. With a little creativity and customization, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom in no time.

SKUS for base budget pieces we have shown (use search bar when shopping):
Budget Planner insert: 2080

Bills & Expenses insert: 2081

Budget Stickers ss-227

Those three items prebuilt: Bundle-05Budget