Student Planner

A study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that students who consistently used a planner had higher academic performance, greater goal attainment, and better time management skills compared to those who did not use a planner. The researchers concluded that using a planner can enhance students’ ability to set and achieve goals, prioritize tasks, and effectively manage their time.

When students write their commitments and responsibilities it provides them a clear overview and leaves them better equipped to stay organized, reduce procrastination, and improve their ability to plan and meet deadlines.

Our student weekly planner breaks a day into assignments, tests, and leaves room for other priorities, tasks, or short notes. While this insert is included in a bundles with 36 weeks worth and a separate notes insert it can also be purchased individually. Further there is a 5 and 7 subject school planner for those that want to plan by course.

Teacher Planner

Teachers and lesson plans are inseparable companions. Whether you aspire to create a personalized organizer with your own lesson plans or establish a comprehensive school-wide planner, Tula XII offers the perfect solution. Our latest enhanced addition features a 7-period teacher lesson planner, designed to cater to all your instructional needs.

Choose your cover, your inserts, and then add some style and accessories so you can enjoy writing your weekly lessons.