Introducing our newest planner cover, the Farmhouse Meadow design. The charming white wood appearance, adorned with sunflowers and daisies, is complemented by a textured brown spine. This timeless design is available in various forms, including a cover, pouch, deskpad holder, magnet, and washi tape.

The inside of the cover and the back of the deskpad have a luxurious suede-like finish in brown, providing a comfortable and stylish feel. The cute and delicate flowers on these items will transport you to a peaceful farmhouse with a beautiful meadow view.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the farm aesthetic, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Farmhouse Animals kit includes stickers, pads, and coasters to feature adorable animals in your kitchen or workspace. You can also purchase our card and embellishment kits to create unique and personalized cards.

With our Farmhouse Meadow collection, you can bring the beauty of the countryside into your everyday life.