Why shopping with a Brand Ambassador is fun!

Our Lifestyle Organizer is a simple and highly customizable way to stay organized and on task!

  1. Girl time! You can hang out, party, have fun, and learn a few things about our Lifestyle Organizer along the way.
  2. Our Brand Ambassadors are always ready to help and answer questions on what inserts are best for your Lifestyle.
  3. Using our Lifestyle Organizer is easy and customizable!


Want to earn free and half priced products?

Host a qualifying party and use the chart below to see what you can earn!


How do I host a party? 

Connect with a Brand Ambassador and they will get started with you. You can host an in-person, catalog, or facebook party.

What is the “ship to hostess” option in a party?

If you place an order in a party and choose “ship to hostess” you will not be charged the $5, just the 8% of your order. Your order will ship at the end of the party, with the hostess’s order to the hostess.