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traveler's notebook cover

• Comfortably holds 4-8 inserts so you can maximize your planner needs.

• Change your cover with the season, your mood, or outfit!

• Swapping inserts is so easy you can change them as your lifestyle requires.

inserts traveler's notebook

• Over 50 options so you can make your planner what YOU need!

• Insert covers coordinate with outer covers or mix it up.

• Easily swap inserts out as you fill them up or need a change.

• Slip into an elastic and have a classy zipper pouch and pockets.

• Can take out of planner if needed and snap closed.

plastic tn pockets

• Hold bills, receipts, coupons.

• Use the dash sleeves to slip in a pretty card and make the inside of your planner as fancy as you!

magnetic paper clip

• These magnetic clips are not only strong enough to keep several pages together, but allows you to easily flip to your most current page on your calendars, checking account, meal planning and to-do lists! No need to flip through pages to get to your latest entry! Not only that, but they add a pop of color to your inserts!

pengems pen

• Makes any task a bit more fun when you sparkle!

• Standard ballpoint pen with black ink that can be refilled.

planner stickers

• Stickers are your planner’s “bling”!  As you look through your pages, the stickers quickly identify the fun you have planned!

tab planner stickers

• Mark your inserts or sections with a tab style sticker.

• Easy to apply and durable for the long haul.

planner deco kit

• Give the inside of your planner a quick make over with one of our deco sets.

• A touch of creativity allows you to be creative with your planner.

tiny keychain planner

• Put one of these on your keyring and you can take a quick note on the go.

• Plus they are adorable and stylish!

week on one

• Don’t know if you can commit just yet but want to make a note of possibilities? Just jot down the “to do” or the dates that you were invited to an event and add them to your calendar. Once you can commit, ink it in and toss the note! This keeps your planner clear of clutter or taking a line through an entry. It allows you to keep your planner “neat”!

planner cards

• This set of 5 cards includes a year-at-a-glance, 6 years-at-a-glance, and emergency information. Just slip into a decorative plastic pocket sleeve and slip into your planner for easy access.

travelers notebook

• Jump bands allows you to add as many inserts as you need and keep everything in order and organized. We include instructions on how to add these to your planner!