These are additional (or duplicated where we saw fit) videos for the back office.

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How to Send an Email from Back Office

How To Close a Party

Online parties may not remain open longer than thirty (30) days. Once parties automatically close they will not be reopened. This means your HOST order MUST be input in time to claim rewards. Exceptions can’t be made to this at we have the system programmed this way.

PLEASE NOTE: Parties can NOT be closed after 11:59 pm eastern on the last day of the month. At 5 pm eastern the 1st of the month you can close them. From midnight -10 am on the first the system is updating for new releases, rewards, etc. You party total will show zero rewards so wait to start your order.

When starting a party for a host, you need to make sure that the account is an active retail account (not a guest account) and that the customer’s name and address are correct and up to date. If a party is started on an account that is not an active retail account or without an address, then when you try to close the party, you will not be able to access any products for the host order and earned rewards. 

How To Redeem Gift Cards

GIFT CARDS ARE NOT TO BE PURCHASED ON A PARTY AND REDEEMED ON A PARTY (regardless if same party or different) You may ONLY earn party credit on that money ONE TIME – if it is used twice it will be removed. Please be mindful of this or we will limit how gift cards can be used. If you grab gift cards as a HOST reward, they are NOT able to be redeemed on a party. Double dipping for party reward is not permitted.