These are additional (or duplicated where we saw fit) videos for the back office.

How To Close a Party

Online parties may not remain open longer than thirty (30) days. Once parties automatically close they will not be reopened. This means your HOST order MUST be input in time to claim rewards. Exceptions can’t be made to this at we have the system programmed this way.

PLEASE NOTE: Parties can NOT be closed after 11:59 pm eastern on the last day of the month. At 5 pm eastern the 1st of the month you can close them. From midnight -10 am on the first the system is updating for new releases, rewards, etc. You party total will show zero rewards so wait to start your order.

When starting a party for a host, you need to make sure that the account is an active retail account (not a guest account) and that the customer’s name and address are correct and up to date. If a party is started on an account that is not an active retail account or without an address, then when you try to close the party, you will not be able to access any products for the host order and earned rewards. 

How To Redeem Gift Cards

GIFT CARDS ARE NOT TO BE PURCHASED ON A PARTY AND REDEEMED ON A PARTY (regardless if same party or different) You may ONLY earn party credit on that money ONE TIME – if it is used twice it will be removed. Please be mindful of this or we will limit how gift cards can be used. If you grab gift cards as a HOST reward, they are NOT able to be redeemed on a party. Double dipping for party reward is not permitted.

How to Send an Email from Back Office

Subscription for Replicated Site

Your replicated website fee is what you pay to keep your replicated website active for your customers to shop online with you. The order for the subscription is created and payment attempted on the 28th of every month (there are exceptions to this when the 28th falls on a weekend, but those are always noted on the calendar in your back office in resources). 

When you need to update your payment method for your subscription, not only does the card need added to your payment methods, but it also needs updated on the subscription itself. Making a new payment method your default payment method does NOT change it on your subscription. This update must be done prior to the order for your website fee being created for the month in which the change is being made.

To change the payment method on your subscription for your replicated website fee, you will need to do the following:

  1. in your back office menu, click on Orders
  2. in the drop down menu, click on My Subscriptions
  3. click on the Edit Subscription box
  4. click Use Billing Method on the card that you are wanting to use for the subscription
  5. click Save Subscription

We do understand that there are occasional last minute issues and changes that may need to happen in regards to payment methods. Please note the following: 

  1. If you receive an email stating that the payment was declined and you need to use a different method, you much contact home office (email is always best as the response time is faster) and let us know that you need to use a different method of payment. That method MUST be manually processed by Home Office and guidance will be given depending on your situation. Once the order has been created for the month, changing the payment method will not change it for the pending order. 
  2. If you receive the second email that payment has been attempted and it was declined, your replicated website and the subscription will be cancelled and you will need to contact Home Office to have the missed fee manually processed as well as the $5 fee to reinstate the replicated website fee subscription. 
  3. You must add the card you are wanting to use in the Payment Methods section in your back office. Home Office is not able to add a card for you. This is to protect you and your information.

Cancelling your replicated site:

You may cancel your site just please note that you will not be able to be searched on our site and customers will not be able to place their orders with you themselves.