Lifestyle Organizer

A Lifestyle Organizer is a beautiful combination of a cover, inserts for your planning, and accessories all combined to organize your life beautifully.

Covers are what hold it all together! Put inserts into a cover and close with your elastic and you are ready to go! Our new interchangeable covers makes changing a breeze with a zip off front (trademark filed).

Inserts are the heart of the lifestyle organizer with so many options to organize any lifestyle.

Tula Xii offers Lifestyle Organizers in 3 sizes.

Small which is also known as A6 and holds 4 x 5.75″ inserts

Medium which is also known as B6 and hold 5 x 7″ inserts

XL which holds our 7 x 9.75″ inserts

Our XXS is a keychain which comes with 2 blank inserts that are 1.5 x 2″


The heart of your planner!

We have around 100 insert layouts available.

We call the cover that attaches to the insert an insert style. We typically have 6-10 insert styles available. These do rotate out at times.

Inserts are printed at the time of order. That is how we are able to offer so many options! 100×10=1000 variables. This also plays a role in our shipping times.

Insert styles are printed in bulk in advance. That plays a part in to why sometimes they either sell out, or we discontinue them.

Interchangeable Cover


How many inserts fit

Classic and Interchangeable

How many inserts fit

Classic Pro

Pen Test

How to use a jump band

How to use Tabs

How Natasha uses magnet clips

Plastics & Planner Cards

Pen Loops

Cash & Coupon (& Tabs)

How to refill a PenGems pen

How to put on vinyl letters

Dash Sleeves & Pockets

When used in combination with your Tula Xii Lifestyle Organizer, our Secretary Pockets & Dashboard Sleeves are a great way to add additional pocket storage and protect your planner decorations. 

Please Note: Secretary Pockets & Dashboard Sleeves are designed to perfectly wrap around your inserts, however, do not act as insert cover protectors and are NOT a replacement for your Tula Xii Organizer Cover.

Deco Sample

Elastic Maintenace

Show it off!

Showing your Lifestyle Organizer and how you use it is the easiest and one of the best ways to sell your product. When people see how our organization system works for you, they will think it can work for them. We all want to be on task and on schedule. Showing your potential customers the simple ways you are able to do that with our Lifestyle Organizer will encourage them to try it too!