#1 Welcome to Tula Xii

This page of training takes typically less than an hour. It will answer many questions!

Brand Ambassadors have access to ElleeTula (link is at very bottom of page in footer)

Additionally you have your back office at team.tulaxii.com

Within your back office there are more resources that are not public such as this. Find photo under resources in back office and the Event Calendar has important monthly dates.

#2 Join the group and follow us

The key to social media is to: Engage! Don’t just make a page and hope hashtags will gain you followers. You need to engage with others. Comment on others posts. Ask questions on your posts to encourage responses. Be genuine and also don’t just be a sales page. Show your lifestyle and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!

#3 What is your website link

*Replicated website – The Brand Ambassador’s site to sell on (optional at $8.99 per month plus tax – we run charges for the month on the 28th)

You may cancel this – just please note that you will not be able to be searched for on our site and you will have to manually place the orders from your back office as a customer will not be able to place their own from your site if you don’t have one.

#4 Do you want your profile public

Entering your zip code makes you able to be found under “Search Brand Ambassadors”

#5 Enter bank info to get paid

Direct Deposit Payout Method– You must have accurate information in your Sky Wallet to receive your commissions and/or bonuses. If you provide inaccurate information you will not receive your deposit until it is correct. If your incorrect information causes a bounce back from the bank and Tula Xii incurs a charge the fee will be passed along to you. The fee for bounce back is $10. You must have bank information loaded to your back office within 30 days of sign-on.

***Please note changes to direct deposit must be done 10 days before your deposit date for it to take effect.***

#6 Know your back office resources

#7 Placing a supply order

#8 Why your customer needs an account

#9 Starting a party in the back office

Online parties may not remain open longer than thirty (30) days. Once parties automatically close they will not be reopened. This means your HOST order MUST be input in time to claim rewards. Exceptions can’t be made to this at we have the system programmed this way.

PLEASE NOTE: Parties can NOT be closed after 11:59 pm eastern on the last day of the month. At 5 pm eastern the 1st of the month you can close them. From midnight -10 am on the first the system is updating for new releases, rewards, etc. You party total will show zero rewards so wait to start your order.

When starting a party for a host, you need to make sure that the account is an active retail account (not a guest account) and that the customer’s name and address are correct and up to date. If a party is started on an account that is not an active retail account or without an address, then when you try to close the party, you will not be able to access any products for the host order and earned rewards. 

#10 Creating an order for a customer

#11 Entering the Host Order

#12 How to shop customer specials

#13 How to redeem product credit and gift cards

GIFT CARDS ARE NOT TO BE PURCHASED ON A PARTY AND REDEEMED ON A PARTY (regardless if same party or different) You may ONLY earn party credit on that money ONE TIME – if it is used twice it will be removed. Please be mindful of this or we will limit how gift cards can be used. If you grab gift cards as a HOST reward, they are NOT able to be redeemed on a party. Double dipping for party reward is not permitted.

#14 What is next

You are done with onboarding!

Next Pop into Business Resources – there are other videos and information you will need in your business.

Then check out Product Info!

A few notes:

  • Your address: If you ship to someone else make sure to go into Profile:Shipping Addresses and mark YOUR address for Default and Mailing – this is where we mail awards, incentives, taxes, etc.
  • Please do NOT add a business name to your account unless you are using an EIN for tax purposes.


As tempting as it is to shorten Tula Xii to just Tula, it can hurt your business and our trademarked branding. If we call our product Tula instead of Tula Xii, it can make it hard for your potential customers to find our product since they won’t have the full name. Please make sure that when you are referencing the product, you are using Tula Xii and that when you are using hashtags, you are doing something like #TulaXii or #LoveMyTulaXii, or whatever you have been doing (just make sure to add the XII). Just make sure you are using the full product name. We want to make sure that we have brand recognizability and the only way that can happen is if we are all consistently using the full and correct name for the company and products.