Please note that recruiting and leading is not required. However, if you decide to it is your responsibility to provide them assistance and encouragement. “It is Tula Xii’s expectation that Sponsors provide support in regards to the Policies and Procedures, provide answers to questions, and be the first point of contact for the frontline to come to for support or training.” If you don’t wish to and you have someone interested you can point them to your sponsor.


How do I help my new recruit?

  • The first step is just chat with them. Get to know them and build a relationship. Just as with your customers, you want your new team member to feel a part of your team.
  • Direct them to the training page at – Training and then Click Get Started as this is corporate’s onboarding of videos that will answer a lot of questions.
  • At the end of the training there are links to a mock party on Facebook they can join as well as additional training in a Facebook group that just helps with some tips about goals, relationships, and other fun tips. Also, in the BA Facebook group under units there are tips. We have a lot of information out there so spending time listening and reading through those things will be a huge help.
  • On there is a section about knowing the products with videos to teach them about what we have. While there is not on inserts and lifestyles they can look around the shop and in time just helping their customers with what would make them a perfect planner will help them. On Facebook in Units there are insert usage ideas in the monthly “coffee chats”.
  • Remind them that Policies and Procedures will answer questions as well.
  • Another FAQ from new recruits is how to set up a Facebook party. As we state here on on the Parties page they will need to google this. There are a ton of articles and tips out there and with it ever changing we will leave that to the pros.


Leaders will be invited to a Leader Facebook Group where positive interaction and assistance is encouraged. Leaders should always be positive and kind to their teams and one another.

We have monthly meetings and get to see the product reveals before the main group as well!

Leader Obligations–  Your leadership responsibility to provide assistance and training extends to your “team” defined as those in your group who are not under another Leader. A Leader is also responsible to provide assistance and training to downline Leaders in his/her group. In addition to the responsibilities of a Sponsor, it is expected that Leaders provide regular team communications and opportunities to interact, including but not limited to: newsletters, Facebook groups, and regular team meetings/conference calls.  

Monthly Team Reports

Click Reports

Click Downline History

A new window will open

Change the 2 “@CompProcessRunID” to the month you are wanting (Please note that you have to wait until it is available so by the 3rd of the month)

Click Update Result

You can then export the report

Groups & Teams Visually

Your downline BA going inactive

Each month the leader newsletter will say Inactive Dates and that is the date you can run the report to see this information.
Option 1: Click Team, Team Center, Click the box next to Consultant Status, Choose HOLD, Then click search.
Option 2: Click Reports, Downline, Use the consultant status and choose HOLD, Then click Apply Filter
Option 2 will give the same list and also a column that shows their 3 month total
An email will go to the potential inactives directly from home office as well.
The date to remain active is typically the 27th (so they are not charged for the sub run if going inactive)

Here are a few tips for when you receive an email from Brand Ambassador Support informing you that a downline member is soon to be inactive:

  1. Reach out to your downline member and see how they are doing, if you have not heard from them in awhile. There are many reasons that a person may stop working their business and stop contacting you. Reaching out helps you figure out what your downline needs or wants.
  2. Ask your downline if they are wanting to work on hitting the required PV by the date indicated in the email. If they are wanting to work on things but think that it may take a little longer than the time given in the email, talk with them and find out how much time they might need and encourage them to reach out to Support or offer to contact Support on their behalf.
  3. If your downline member indicates that they do not feel that they will be able to hit the required PV, you can ask them if they would like help with some party or group ideas to boost engagement.
  4. If the downline indicates that they are just not interested in selling anymore, that’s ok too.