Plan and Craft with us in these 5 locations early 2024…


We are so excited to come and plan with you in the 5 fabulous cities early 2024!

We will host an event that is all planning and crafting for anyone that wants to plan and craft with us!

Your ticket cost ($100) will get you all the products you need for the fun tips in planning we will show and the crafts we will make.

What you get (retail value is more than $100):

  • Planner Cover & Inserts
  • Decorative Kit, Stencil, Washi
  • Matching Exclusive PenGem

What we will do:

  • Show bullet journaling
  • Color coding/Time Blocking
  • Decorate a planner insert
  • And we will have a card making “bar” where you can make a couple cards with fun items!
  • Have fun!


Can I bring someone? Yes, they just need a ticket

If I want to come to more than one location, can I? Yes, you just need a ticket for each location

Are tickets limited? While we should have plenty of room we are limited by the capacity of the venues.

Can I bring my small children? Please come and enjoy the day with us alone 🙂 While we love children, they do take away the counts we are allowed to have at each venue. If you have a teen, buy them a ticket and have them join!