Travel Insert Saves the Trip

//Travel Insert Saves the Trip

Travel Insert Saves the Trip

Even if I am planning a conference or a business trip, planning everything out helps to see the “pockets” of time that I can go visit a museum in that city or restaurants to try while I’m in that city.

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Whether it be a weekend road trip, a conference to attend, or a week long vacation, there are always several “to do” lists to create! Prior to designing the travel inserts, I used to have five different lists going on what needed to be done prior to traveling and what to do once we get there. Don’t we always immediately think, “I just know I’m going to forget something!”

Now when I get ready to take a trip, I’m almost more excited about planning everything out than I am about the trip itself! That may sound funny or odd, but seriously, I just love taking a few evenings laying everything out in my travel insert as I “Google” and “Yelp” to help me get to where we are going and what to do when we get there!

Then, organizing the daily agendas are not only fun, but it helps me realize my time guidelines for each day and it helps me to keep everyone on track while we are away.

As soon as I even whisper “road trip” my youngest son practically trips over himself to get to his suitcase! It’s always fun to have him share in the planning stages of the trip as well. Not only does he get excited about the anticipation of the activities, I feel he is learning how important it is to pre-plan and organize. And since anticipation is half the fun of anything in life, it helps keep his anticipation level high. Taking the time to make it colorful and donning it with fun stickers just makes the trip a “happy” event to look forward to. Once I’m strategizing this all out, it also alleviates any stress I may feel about the trip. (Driving, not knowing the city, just the overall unknown)

Even if I am planning a conference or a business trip, planning everything out helps to see the “pockets” of time that I can go visit a museum in that city or restaurants to try while I’m in that city.

Travel inserts helps you to keep the list of items you need to remember to take: sunscreen, phone charger, prescriptions, sunglasses, etc. Making this list also helps me to know what luggage I will need to hold everything for the trip.

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I can also lay out all of the meals, which helps economically to see where we can budget and where we can save to treat ourselves.

In addition, this insert helps me understand how much the trip will cost and can help me stay on budget. The best part of this is to know how much I can spend on fun souvenirs or shopping! 

Double Bonus!

While I’m on our trips, in the evenings as we settle down at the hotel, I pull my planner out and make notes of what we did that day ands add memories. Now I have a “diary” of our trips that I can keep and look back on and remember those trips once again! And someday, I can wrap these inserts up and gift it to my family members years later so they can read them and look back at the fun we shared!

I just wanted to let you know what a life-saver my Travel Planner insert was on our recent trip. We were traveling for a cheer competition but we also extended our stay for a little family vacation. We had tons of info to keep organized confirmation numbers, times, addresses, etc. It was SO nice to have everything all in one place. But like I said…it really was a life-saver. There was zero cell reception where the competition was being held, if I did not have all the information in my Travel Planner, I would have had no idea where to go and when because I could not access the internet. The best part is the section to record your favorite memory of each day! I will never travel without my Tula and Travel Planner again! – Jodi, Missouri

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