Who out there has adopted new routines when it comes to preparing meals? Is dinner time now flipping through a delivery app? Or running out to pick up dinner for the family? This new crazy world of ours has introduced us to new routines that are not as healthy as before. It’s certainly understandable as we are all a little more stressed than usual and dinner, sometimes, can just be another decision to make!

Perhaps you are in the group of people that do plan meals in advance since going to the grocery store “daily” isn’t as desired.

There are several reasons to start a new routine of meal planning! On the top of that list is it’s healthier and it’s more cost effective. In addition, it’s a real time saver! 53% of households go to the grocery daily to get dinner items for the night.

Let’s dive in to a weekly meal plan. In our home we typically plan as a family on a Sunday morning. The kids get to shout out their favorite meals, the husband writes all of our preferences down, then collectively we make a list of ingredients the meals require. There’s our grocery list! And now none of us have to wing a meal at the last minute!

We have the tools to help you get organized with meal planning that will be fun for everyone!

Our Meal Planning Bundle includes

Meal and grocery insert: This is a weekly list to plan dinners and make a grocery list. Also, consider having meals rated each night by family members so you can flip through later when you are having a hard time coming up with meals to grab ideas.

Monthly insert: This can be used for a monthly food plan. This is ambitious but also a fun way to even track dinners as you go to see habits or rate meals that were wins!

Pantry and Freezer: Do you buy too much and then forget what is on hand? Also, think about spices.

Zipper pocket: A place to stick coupons or printed out recipes.