We are all familiar with vision boards and how powerful they can be. However, how often do we really have that “vision” in front of us? Scaling your vision boards down to size to fit your planners keeps your vision in front of you daily since you probably look at your planner daily.


Sliding your vision board into a plastic sleeve and including it in the front of your planner has been beneficial to quite a few!


If you have never thought of creating a vision board, let me tell your from personal experience that having your dreams pictorially in front of you can seriously make a difference.


Simply sketch out the size that will fit into your planner and start finding the picture that will accommodate your dreams! Want a diamond ring, simply find a pic of a ring and paste it on your board. Want to be thinner? Find a pic of you when you were thinner and paste that on your board! Want a promotion at work? Go into the office of the job you want and sit at the desk and take a pic of you in the driver’s seat. You get the drift.


Having these pictures in front of you seems to manifest your dreams into reality. And what if it doesn’t? What is the harm of having your dreams pictorially laid out in front of you?


And how much fun is it to create your board by finding the pictures of your dreams and organizing them?